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Just the delirium, rants and lucidity of a confused guy who lives in the lonely dark.

My darkest day this year.

3 weeks ago-

Operation SMMS take 2

Suprise both subjects with approval of hidden desire while in private. Express great emotion, and build to red herring.push them together, and smile.

In the dark

My thoughts recede from the norm. I feel hollow. I feel so openly alone. But that’s ok, because i will survive.

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In Retreat

It was so much easier to run to her when i was in my dark moods. She didn’t necessarily make my moods disappear, but the kind sweetness of her voice distracted my demons into thinking i was in the presence of an Angel. And so they were kept at bay. But now, it is me alone and my thoughts.


but it does not define me.

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Another conversation

You are alone. You know it’s true. She didnt want anything serious. She just needed somebody for a few days. You are nothing special to her. Don’t ever forget me, because i have never forgotten you. You are the embodiment of everything i am not. You don’t get anyone, because you are a psycho. They do not want you. To Her, you will be just another guy. Don’t lie to yourself. Just go away from us .

My inner demon

know you by your absence,
You are always there just lurking about,
You always tell me that i am not important,
You remind me that i am forgotten,
My demon’s name is loneliness,
And i am it’s insane monstrosity.